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My Magic Morning Podcast

Welcome to My Magic Morning Podcast, the show that unpacks powerful ideas to help you level up your life and get the results you want, while feeling great.

I invite you to join me weekly as I share powerful strategies and micro-interviews with top performers to help you optimize your morning routine through small changes that make a big difference.

In this first podcast season we are focusing on How To Build A Morning Routine That Will Make You Unstoppable.

Let’s optimize together, today.

Your host

Meet Anders Vraa

Hi, my name is Anders Vraa and I’m excited to be your host on My Magic Morning Podcast.

I’ve spent over 15 years in top management positions and I love what I do. But a few years back, I hit a rough patch and I realized I needed to optimize and build new habits.

I decided to join and become a certified performance coach in 2020, and it has been a life-changing journey. I learned a lot but it all boils down to my system for creating magical mornings.

I started thinking about sharing my experience about a year ago. I have talked a lot to family members and colleagues about my new habits and I think it is time to take it step up now and share it with you as well. 

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My Magic Morning Challenge and the weekly podcast will be launched soon.